The Free Zones regime under Law 1004 of 2005, modified by Decree 2147 of 2016, establishes that Free Trade Zones are geographically delimited areas within the national territory, where industrial activities of goods and services or commercial activities can be developed, under a special regulation in tax, customs and foreign trade matters.

The Free Zones are intended to:

1. Be an instrument for creating employment and for attracting new capital investments.

2. To be a development pole that promotes competitiveness in the regions where it is established.

3. Develop highly productive and competitive industrial processes, under the concepts of security, transparency, technology, clean production, and good business practices.

4. Promote the generation of economies of scale.

5. Simplify the procedures of the trade of goods and services, to facilitate their sale.


We offer infrastructure for the industrial, commercial and service sectors, promoting external and internal trade, logistics excellence, competitiveness, social inclusion, sustainability and protection of the environment.


Constitute ourselves as a strategic platform that develops international trade from and to the Pacific, generating sustainable added value, encouraging competitiveness through the application of global best practices for construction, operations management, environmental protection and talent development human.


We consider them as principles that guide our collaborators to define their behavior, serving as a guideline to formulate goals and personal or collective purposes, and allowing them to reflect their interests, feelings and convictions more important for a better coexistence.

Family: We project ourselves as a “Family Responsible Organization” that promotes the balance between work and family life.

Teamwork: We promote the integration and interaction of all members of the organization and we encourage the establishment of conversational networks that allow the generation of knowledge, commitment and impact on the final result, based on mutual respect and common purpose.

Results Orientation: We maintain continuous improvement in our management, aligned with the strategic direction of the organization, which allows us to achieve profitability margins, ensuring our growth, generating wealth and development for the target groups (shareholders, workers, customers, suppliers, community).

Leadership: We are inspired in a unique direction (governability) and in the disposition and competence of people, developing the capacity to build our own future in the midst of a healthy work environment.


The Zona Franca Industrial Logistics Center of the Pacific CLIP, aims to generate development through the provision of services with efficiency, value, safety and reliability to importers and exporters of the Pacific in Colombia, becoming the engine of development in the region. Convinced of the impact that can be achieved from the improvement of the logistics chain with the application of novel approaches based on Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability.

We assume the commitment to sustainability based on the respect and promotion of Human Rights in all its operations, non-discrimination in the workplace and the eradication of forced child labor practices, as well as the development of work practices in accordance with current regulations , development of friendly operations with the environment and fair operating practices, benefiting the development of the communities where it operates.


Don Modesto Cabal Galindo, was a gentleman with a broad vision towards the future and a special predilection for the sugar industry, which he projected in the creation of the Guacharacal sugar mill and his participation as a pioneer in the founding of Ingenio Providencia. Then he acquired the Pichichi property belonging to former president Antonio Sanclemente. With more than 7 decades of progress, Ingenio Pichichi has managed to position itself in the sugar sector, as one of the most experienced, traditional and recognized sugar mills in the region and in the country’s sugar industry.

With the objective of diversifying, satisfying the needs of the market, benefiting the Region with new jobs and creating significant and sustainable value for owners and investors, Ingenio Pichichí SA, proposes the construction and operation of a Logistics Center, Free Zone and Center of Services, located in the roundabout of Mediacanoa, Yotoco, Valle del Cauca. The Mediacanoa sector is considered a strategic point to connect the port of Buenaventura with the north, center and south of the country, being these main consumption centers of Colombia.


We are located in the roundabout of Mediacanoa, Municipality of Yotoco, in the Department of Valle del Cauca – Colombia. This area is considered a strategic point to connect the port of Buenaventura with the north, center and south of the country, main consumption centers of Colombia.

112 Km

112 km from the city of Buenaventura, the main port in the Colombian Pacific with worldwide projection.


Closeness to the Panama Canal.


55 kilometers from Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport.




Puerto de Buenaventura

Santa Marta



About the Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca is located in the south west of Colombia, bordering the Pacific Ocean and the departments of Cauca, Tolima, Quindío, Risaralda and Chocó. his The extension is 22,195 km2. It is constituted by 42 municipalities and has as capital to the municipality of Santiago de Cali. The latter, has an extension of 564 km2 and it represents 51.4% of the departmental population.

Valle del Cauca agriculture is the most important and varied in the country, with crops technified sugar cane, coffee, cotton, soy and sorghum. The Valley has become one of the main centers of economic development of the country dominating all the south western Colombia.

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Near the facilities of the CLIP Logistics Center, several educational institutions are located with which we established student internship agreements in order to generate opportunities for those who complete their higher education.

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  • 220.000 m² Commercial areas.
  • 27.500 m² Outdoor storage.
  • 7.500 ml Laying of electrical network.
  • 27.000 m² High traffic pavements for trucks.
  • Water treatment plant with a capacity of 31 lt/seg.
  • Wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 338 m3 / day.
  • 5.500 ml Laying of hydro-sanitary networks.
  • 3.700 ml Sewage rainwater.
  • 3.100 ml Data network.




Gas station


Mechanical Workshop


Container Yard


Car Wash

Store and Drugstore

Financial Entities



20% Income Tax.

0% VAT and tariffs on foreign goods.

0% VAT on national goods.


Industry and Commerce Tax: 100% exemption of the tax for up to 10 years, from the installation of the Free Trade Zone.

Property tax: Exemption of 100% of the property tax, caused by an increase in the cadastral appraisal, for 10 years.

Notices and Boards Tax: 100% exemption for 10 years.


Partial prosecutions between companies in a Free Zone and the TAN (National Customs Territory).

Storage for an unlimited time without the payment of nationalization taxes or VAT.

Partial nationalization of raw materials or finished products.

Use of DTA or OTM for transfer from ports and border crossings, the goods movement form acts as DEX.

Verification of inventories prior to nationalization and payment only for goods for sale and not for defective for rejection.

Goods processed or processed in Free Trade Zones are considered national, have the treatment of goods from the TAN to meet the criteria of origin.


DIAN on site: DIAN officials dedicated to the attention of user operations.

Possibility to classify and redistribute goods (Picking & Packing) without haste and without having them nationalized.

International logistics distribution for the Americas from Colombia.

Free movement of goods from free zones to free warehouses and ports.


In the Industrial Logistics Center of the Pacific we provide solutions to concerns and requirements of our users on issues related to:

Foreign trade operations and procedures (Franco regime). Services offered by the administration of the Joint Ownership.

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